OfficeSuite Pro for Citrix Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

OfficeSuite 8.2 - More Than Just an Office App

See why OfficeSuite is the most downloaded office app on Google Play, and what it can do for you.

XenApps Citrix Receiver Setup on Windows 10

Connecting to ComputerEase, Bidwinner and the Microsoft Office suite from anywhere! Citrix Receiver Download Links: Windows: Mac: ...

Citrix Receiver on Apple iPad

Archos 101 XS review, Ultrabook-killing machine

Testing web browsing speed on this OMAP4470 ARM Powered Laptop/Tablet convertible. This ARM Powered Laptop loads web pages faster than the Ultrabook ...

How to fix can't install app error code 504/505 in google play store

How to fix can't install app error code 504/505 in google play store-unknown error code during application install 504/505-error 505 play store-error 504 play ...

Remote Desktop Client on iPad iPhone Android vs hopTo Work GoldMine short

Watch this live recording that compares the Microsoft Remote Desktop client to the hopTo Work mobile remote desktop. This video highlights the user ...

Office suites on the iPad (SMRTcasts episode 5)

This is a video showing pages, keynote, quick office pro HD, and office2 HD on the iPad. These are some office suite applications that are handy for many things.

Excel, Word y otras aplicaciones en Ipad con Citrix

Demo de como Citrix permite ver aplicaciones de Windows en un Ipad.

Citrix Receiver for iPad

Demonstratie van Citrix Receiver for iPad. Laat zien hoe eenvoudig Windows applicaties en desktops gebruikt kunnen worden op een iPad.

Best iPhone office apps

Best iPhone office apps, great office apps for your iPhone.

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